About us

Soretelec, your supplier of test and supervision tools of Ethernet and optic fiber networks

Soretelec is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Ethernet and optic fiber networks. Specialized in the sale of Ethernet and optic fiber network equipment, Soretelec offers its services to the various telecommunication operators in the country and enables them to provide appropriate solutions for testing, measurement and supervision of optic fiber and Ethernet networks.

Representing a number of leading international telecommunications companies such as Spirent, Exfo, Optoken and many others, Soretelec provides its customers with high-end equipment and expert advice from professionals of the domain.

Created in 2003, Soretelec was able to gain the trust of a large part of the telecommunications sector. Today, it is positioned as a reliable partner for telecom operators Orange, Telecom, Ooredoo, CERT, STEG, Sagemcom and many other big companies.

Quality test and maintenance tools

In order to better meet the needs of its customers, Soretelec uses high-end tools and solutions from major international manufacturers such as Exfo, La Tehnika, Sumitomo, etc. Thus, we ensure you tailor-made solutions thanks to a highly precise material.

Always at your disposal and ready to guide you in the choice of your equipment, the professionals of Soretelec offer you tools of test and measurement at the cutting edge of technology: protocol testers, Ethernet testers, optical reflectometers, SFP, etc.

They also provide you with any accessories you need to maintain and monitor optic fiber networks, such as optic fiber welder, attenuators, bushings, adapters, optic fiber jumpers, and more.