About us

Telcofib, for optical fiber network projects

Subsidiary of Omega Engineering Services, Telcofib is a company specialized in the implementation of optical fiber infrastructures. Indeed, we offer adapted network solutions and ensure your support throughout the procedure of implementation of these solutions.

Our team also provides you with all the material and technical resources that allow you to check and ensure the good quality of service of these networks.

Optical fiber networks, a revolution in telecommunications

The optical fiber network is based on light conductors that allow a very high information rate over coaxial cables. This optical fiber infrastructure is a real revolution in the telecommunications sector.

In this context, the company Telcofib supports telecom operators from A to Z in their project to install the optical fiber network and guarantee them a work of quality that perfectly meets the applicable standards.

The installation of the optical fiber network according to the applicable standards

With the appropriate equipment and tools, Telcofib's team of professionals will assist you in every step to set up an adapted optical fiber network solution.

Indeed, we intervene for the installation of the optical fibers by drawing or portage. We also perform cable splicing, labeling as well as installation and wiring of optical fibers heads and site equipment. We finally intervene for the commissioning of the MSAN Outdoor rack and the Fiber Drawing.